To wash your windows perfectly and make them streak-free, it’s really not about the glass cleaner. It’s about the tools you use.The best way is to clean the outside windows first. It’s usually a bigger job, and you might decide you want to do the inside windows the next day.Besides, there’s nothing worse than cleaning your inside windows and not knowing if they are actually clean because the other side is dirty!



If you have a lot of windows, it is easiest to remove all of your screens from the inside. Take a pencil and write in tiny letters on the frame where it belongs as you remove them. Example: MBR – L (Master Bedroom, left window) or something that will make sense to you later. To clean your screens, you will need:

    • * A bucket of soapy water – dish soap is fine
  • * A SOFT bristle brush
  • * Access to a garden hose

Begin by using the hose on a soft setting – don’t use a strong “jet” setting that will damage your screens. Slop some of the soapy water onto the screen if necessary (if there are dead bugs, grit on the frame, spider webs), and gently use the soft brush to get off the mess.

While you’re cleaning your screens, look for tears or holes. Don’t put a screen back that is damaged. Keep it aside for the next weekend project. Repairing or replacing screening within a frame is simple and takes about a half an hour. Rinse off the screens and place them somewhere to air dry.


Outside Windows


While the screens are off, tackle the outside windows. Start with a DRY broom and sweep any spider webs, dirt, and bugs off the windows and the frames. (Note: for upstairs windows, I cheat by taking another broom or mop and duct-taping it to my broom. I can reach the windows that way standing on a step stool.)

If you have a lot of caked on gunk, you should make another bucket of soapy water and dip the broom in, slosh up some water and give the window and/or frame a scrub. If the windows just need cleaning, use one of the methods for window cleaning below. If you have a two story home, you can try a commercial glass cleaning product that attaches to your garden hose to spray the windows clean.

If your outside windows are difficult to reach from the outside, you can clean them from the inside. If you have two windows next to each other, it’s easier.Open the windows all of the way to get the top of the outside window. If you have two windows together, you can get the bottom of one from the other side.

If it’s a single window, you will have to close the window as much as you can while still being able to reach your hand under to clean the top of the bottom window. Voila! No ladders (or waiting for help.) and the outside windows are clean!

Cleaning Your Windows Perfectly


To clean windows, most people either use a squeegee or a cloth. If you have the right tools, what you actually use to clean the windows really doesn’t matter very much. In fact, you can clean windows with plain water wiped off with newspaper. If you use this method, you’ll want to wear gloves or your hands will be filthy, but it works very well.

Squeegee Method


Professionals use squeegees because they get a window completely dry so there are no streaks. You can buy a squeegee for home use, but make sure you consider the size of your windows before you buy, especially if you have small panes.

The cheapest way and easiest way to use a squeegee is to use it with a bucket. If you want to use spray, you still have to use a cloth to spread it around before you squeegee, and that’s more work. We are going for saving time while still getting great results.

You can buy a window washer (just a foamy or fuzzy strip with a handle,) or you can use a regular cloth. Dip it into a bucket of diluted cleaner (I like to use diluted windshield washer for easy jobs, and 1 cup of white vinegar in a gallon of water with just a quick squirt of dish soap for tougher jobs), apply it to the window, scrubbing where you need to.

Next is your squeegee technique:

Some people like to use a dry cloth to clean the very top of the windows, and then pull the squeegee from the dry area all the way down to prevent streaks. That’s a lot of work, and if you’re doing multiple windows, your cloth gets wet, so I don’t like this method.

The better method is to simply wet your squeegee before you start. Your first stroke should be horizontal (across) at the very top of the window. Wipe off your squeegee, and pull down from the dry part. When you get to the bottom, use another horizontal stroke, and then you will only have to wipe one corner with a cloth.

Microfiber Cloth


Now that you can buy microfiber cloths (expensive in stores, but much cheaper online), the squeegee isn’t your only option. These cloths are the same material you use to clean eyeglasses. They get the windows dry and leave no lint or streaks. You’re able to dump the bucket and the tools and just spray onto your windows again.

Window cleaning is anything but fun to do. Many of use are looking for a few free window cleaning tips that we can use in our own homes easily. We hope our tips have helped. But if you are like the majority of home owners