Preparing yourself for the Job

What makes cleaning windows so difficult is that we want the windows to be perfect.

You do not want to see a streak across the window when you view a beautiful sunrise. Nor do you want to touch the window frame and feel dust and grime.Yet, possibly because windows are so important in our lives, we (and our children too!) often can not resist putting our fingers up to the windows and admiring what lies outside.

The first thing to have professionally clean windows is that you will need to do is to tackle the problem with the windows from where it starts. Remember that there are several elements that need attention here.

Cleaning The Windows

First, you have the inside window panes. These are often the ones that you will find grime from fingertips and pets on. You also have the indoor frame.

The frame services as a catch all and often has dust and debris caught inside the window tracks. You also need to handle the screens, something that acts not only to keep things out but catches much of the dust and dirt as well. Finally, the outside pane of the window will often have weather related grime on it.

So, how do you work through all of this to find the perfect free solution for cleaning your windows so that they look as if a professional did them? There are several things that you will need to do.

Avoid Streaking

The sunlight that is streaming through your window will help to create streaks in your window rather than help you to remove them.

Simple sunlight will dry the cleaning solution faster than you can wash it off, so it is very important for you to avoid this if at all possible. So early in the day, in the evening and out of direct sunlight is the best time to clean your windows

Start Wiping

Next, apply the cleaning solution to the windows.

When working on inside window panes, wipe the windows horizontally to clean them. When working outside, make sure to use a vertical stroke for a streak free look. Use a terry cloth to wash the windows with.

Shine The Windows

Then, take some old newspapers, wad them up and shine your windows. This will help to give that streak free shine to your windows. And, you won’t waste money on paper towels.

Cleaning Window Frames & Tracks

Although many people clean their windows regularly, few take the time necessary to wash the window frames and tracks. Here are some tips to help you with that.

First, start with the outside frame. You should use a clean terry cloth to get into all of the groves and between the windows. If you can, remove the sliding window to provide more access to cleaning the track. You can also use a vacuum cleaner attachment to get out most of the dust that gets into the grooves.

Once you have cleaned the track, wipe down the frame. Make sure to get the top edge of the window frame as well as the sides and the bottom.

If there are smudges, use your cleaning solution for the windows to help remove them. If they do not come off, you can use a mild soap to help wash them away. Be very careful getting the paint next to the windows on your walls wet or using too much force in cleaning here as this can damage the paint.


Finally, make sure that you never use anything abrasive to clean your windows or your window frames.

This will cause scratches in the glass or in the frames that will be much harder to clean. For high up window cleaning, call on a professional window cleaner unless you have a well supported ladder to help you with this project.

Window cleaning is anything but fun to do. Many of use are looking for a few free window cleaning tips that we can use in our own homes easily. We hope our tips have helped. But if you are like the majority of home owners, it is well advised to hire a Professional Window Cleaning Service.