ASAP Spotless has been cleaning windows in the Raleigh Triangle area since 1997. With years of experience cleaning every kind of window, we know how to do it right, every time. We have the expertise and care that you would expect from professionals.

We use a state of the art product in our window cleaning, Glass Gleam 4, More informationfrom Titan Labs. GG4, with dust repellent and improved cleaning and de-greasing, helps your windows stay cleaner, longer.

What you can expect from ASAP Spotless:

  • • We move all furniture and other items and replace them all when we are done. You don't move a thing;
  • • We place drop cloths on carpeted areas to protect them;
  • • We carefully work around drapes and window treatments;
  • • Our window cleaning is completely done by hand;
  • • We spray the windows with a professional cleaning solution which is completely biodegradable & safe to use in the home:
  • • We use a soft scrubber to loosen dirt and grease;
  • • We use special scrapers, when needed, to get at the hard-to-remove areas of crusted dirt and grime;
  • • Again, we use the soft scrubber and finally, we squeegee the window;
  • • This is followed by drying the window with a clean cloth to get all of the edges;
  • • We clean the window frames and sills. We do this on on all exterior windows, even ceiling windows and windows in hard to   reach places; AND if you have screens, we will remove them and clean them for you free of charge!
  • • We also clean your storm windows, skylights, light fixtures and chandeliers;


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